The Forest Feast with Fire the Dragon

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In a lush green forest filled with giggling streams and whispering trees, there lived a friendly dragon named Fire. Unlike other dragons, Fire didn’t breathe flames, but blew out colorful sparkles that tickled the noses of anyone near. He loved to host feasts for his forest friends, and today was a special day—the day of the Grand Forest Feast, and everyone was invited. As the sun rose, pouring golden light through the leaves, Fire set out to collect berries and nuts for his feast. With each step, his scales shimmered, leaving a trail of glitter. Soon, the forest critters began to arrive: Hoppy the bunny, Whisk the squirrel, and Beaky the bird, each carrying something to share. ‘Welcome! Welcome!’ Fire exclaimed, his eyes gleaming with joy. ‘Today, we celebrate the magic of friendship and the bounty of our forest!’, Fire announced. The table was a masterpiece, covered with leaves and piled high with fruits of every color. As they ate, Fire shared stories of ancient dragon lore, making everyone chuckle with his playful tales. After the feast, Fire invited everyone to dance. He played the flute with his tail, and sparkles filled the air, creating a beautiful light show that lit up their hearts with happiness. The day ended with sticky paws, full bellies, and wide smiles. The forest creatures, tired from the day’s excitement, thanked Fire for the unforgettable feast. ‘Remember,’ said Fire, ‘our forest is full of wonders, and the greatest of them all is the joy we find in each other.’ And so, as night fell and the stars peeked out from the dark velvet sky, the friends snuggled close, dreaming of the next feast, with their beloved dragon Fire.

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