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In a tiny town called Starville, nestled between green hills and crystal lakes, lived a curious little girl named Luna. Luna loved to gaze at the stars every night through her sparkly telescope. She dreamed of venturing into space one day to explore the vast, twinkling universe. One day, she received a special invitation for a doctor’s appointment unlike any other — it was in space! Luna’s heart danced with excitement as she strapped on her shimmering silver spacesuit. She was going to see Doctor Comet, the best space doctor in the galaxy. With a rumbling roar, her bright yellow rocket named ‘Sunny’ blasted off, leaving a trail of golden stardust in its wake. Up and up they soared, past fluffy clouds and winking satellites. As they ventured deeper into the cosmic ocean, Luna spotted planets decorated with rings and moons that sparkled like diamonds. Finally, they docked at the International Space Station, where Doctor Comet greeted them with a warm smile. ‘Welcome, Luna!’ he cheered. ‘I hear you’re quite the star-gazer! Let’s make sure those eyes are healthy for spotting new galaxies.’ Doctor Comet’s tools were extraordinary – a stethoscope that glowed with starlight and an X-ray machine that hummed with the music of the spheres. After her check-up, which included bouncing on the space station in zero gravity to check her muscles and reflexes, Luna was pronounced fit as a fiddle. ‘Now,’ said Doctor Comet handing her a sparkling sticker, ‘you’re officially a Space Explorer!’ Luna waved goodbye, promising to return after exploring more celestial sights. With her heart full of adventure and a sticker shimmering on her suit, she flew back home with stories that would light up the nights of Starville for years to come.

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