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Once upon a time in a little red farmhouse, there lived a group of delightful animals: Rolly the Rooster, Chirpy the Chick, Quackers the Duck, and Puddles the Pig. Each had their very own special place at the farmhouse, and they lived together in harmony, sharing everything from their meals to their daily adventures. One sunny morning, Rolly woke everyone with his loud ‘Cock-a-doodle-doo!’ Chirpy stretched her tiny wings, Quackers flapped his feathers, and Puddles wiggled his curly tail. They were excited for the day ahead. ‘Let’s play hide and seek!’ suggested Chirpy cheerfully. ‘Great idea!’ agreed Quackers with a quack. ‘But let’s make sure to tidy up the house first.’ Working together, they quickly made the farmhouse spick and span. The pig swept the floors with his tail, the chick dusted off the shelves, the duck organized the tools, and the rooster checked to make sure everything was in place. Once their home was neat and clean, the game began. Puddles was the first to find a hiding spot; he squeezed behind a barrel in the barn. Rolly perched on top of the farmhouse, keeping a watchful eye, while Chirpy nestled in the hay, barely visible. Quackers waddled to the pond and hid behind the reeds. Giggles and laughter filled the air as the friends sought and found each other, playing round after round until the sun began to set. As they all settled down for the night, they looked around the cozy farmhouse and felt a warm sense of gratitude for their home and for each other. ‘We may all be different,’ Rolly said thoughtfully, ‘but this farmhouse always brings us together.’ And with that, the farmhouse friends snuggled in, ready to dream sweet dreams of their next day’s adventures.

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