The Gremlins and the Gentle Yeti

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In the quiet town of Snowpeak, a peculiar family, the Greenwoods, lived in a cozy cottage at the edge of a whispering forest. One day, two mischievous gremlins, Gribble and Grobble, sneaked into the Greenwood home looking for fun. They tumbled through the door, leaving a trail of mischief – spilling milk, scattering cushions, and tangling the yarn. The Greenwoods, who were out, had no idea that their home was becoming a gremlin playground. But the gremlins weren’t alone. Hidden away, enjoying a peaceful nap, was Benny the Yeti, a fluffy, kind-hearted creature who had found a home with the Greenwoods. Benny loved nothing more than quiet afternoons and the laughter of his family. As the noise grew louder, Benny’s nap was rudely interrupted, and he lumbered out to see what the fuss was. The gremlins stopped in their tracks. Yetis were the stuff of gremlin legends, towering and ferocious! But Benny wasn’t like that at all. ‘Why are you causing such a mess?’ Benny asked, his voice softer than the gremlins expected. Gribble and Grobble gazed up at the gentle giant, feeling a twinge of guilt. ‘We just wanted to have some fun,’ mumbled Gribble. ‘But I suppose we got carried away.’ Grobble nodded, his ears drooping. They had never met anyone like Benny. Rather than scaring them away, Benny showed the gremlins how to have fun without causing chaos. They played hide and seek, and Benny told enchanting stories that had the gremlins hanging on every word. When the Greenwoods returned, they were surprised to find their home tidier than before, with Gribble and Grobble napping peacefully beside their new friend Benny. From that day on, the gremlins visited often, but not to make a mess. They came for the warmth of friendship and the stories of their gentle yeti companion.

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