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Once upon a time, in a cozy little farmhouse surrounded by green meadows, lived a group of happy friends: a rooster named Russell, a pig named Pinky, a duck named Daffy, a chick named Chirpy, and a big, sparkling pond that was home to many glistening fish. One sunny morning, Russell crowed as the sun peeked over the hills, awakening all his friends with his cheerful ‘cock-a-doodle-doo!’ Pinky the pig rolled in the mud to keep cool, while Daffy the duck splashed about in the pond, quacking joyfully. Chirpy the chick fluffed its tiny feathers, eager to explore the day. ‘Let’s play a game!’ chirped Chirpy. ‘How about we see who can find the most interesting thing around the farmhouse?’ Pinky found a shiny bell in the barn, which jingled with a merry tinkle. Daffy brought back a beautiful leaf that had fallen into the pond, its colors shining like a rainbow in the sunlight. Chirpy discovered a soft feather boa underneath the willow tree. But what could Russell present? ‘I know I’m not the best at finding things,’ Russell confessed, ‘but I have something wonderful to share.’ He led them to the highest point on the farm and crowed as loudly as he could. The farm echoed with his voice, and from this special place, they could see the entire farm. ‘I give you the gift of seeing how beautiful our home is,’ Russell beamed. The animals looked around in awe, agreeing that this was indeed a marvelous sight. From that day onward, the farmhouse friends realized that while treasures are fun to find, the greatest joy comes from the love they share and the beauty of their home. And so, laughter and friendship filled the farmhouse, making every day an adventure.

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