The Little Star’s Wish

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In a far-off corner of the cosmos, there was a tiny twinkling star named Sparkle. Sparkle lived amongst other stars, but she always felt a little different. While her starry friends were content shining brightly in the sky, Sparkle harbored a secret wish: she wanted to visit the beautiful blue planet, Earth. One night, as Sparkle gazed towards Earth, a passing comet noticed her wistful glow. ‘Why so glum, little star?’ asked Comet, leaving a trail of shimmering stardust. ‘I want to see Earth and watch the children play, but I’m stuck up here in the sky,’ Sparkle replied softly. Comet whizzed around Sparkle excitedly. ‘Why, every star can grant a single wish! Did you not know that? Your wish can come true!’ Filled with hope, Sparkle closed her eyes and made her heartfelt wish: ‘I wish to visit Earth, just for a little while, to see the joy and wonder up close.’ As she opened her eyes, she felt a strange tingle. To her amazement, she began to drift slowly downward, transforming into a delicate silver snowflake. Gently, Sparkle descended to Earth, landing softly on the glove of a young child playing in the snow. The child marvelled at the intricate patterns of the snowflake and giggled with delight. Sparkle, now the most beautiful snowflake in the world, watched as the children danced and played. Her heart swelled with the magic of the Earth’s wonders. After a while, a warm sunbeam lifted her back up to the sky, where she returned to her starry form. Back in the heavens, her glow was brighter than ever, for she had touched the Earth and brought back the laughter and joy of its children. Whenever Sparkle twinkled, the children below would look up and make their own wishes, knowing that a little star had once made a wish come true, just like theirs.

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