Miss Hattie’s Winter Farewell

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Once in the cozy town of Snowdrop Valley, there was a kind-hearted teacher named Miss Hattie. She taught at the little school on the hill, where children laughed and learned from the break of dawn till the afternoon sky painted itself in hues of orange and pink. As winter approached, the air turned crisp, and the leaves transformed into a tapestry of red and gold. It was the last day before the winter vacations, and excitement buzzed through the classroom. Snowflakes danced in the air outside, whispering promises of snowy adventures and cozy evenings by the fire. Miss Hattie gathered all her students in the reading corner, where the walls were lined with stories of far-off lands and magical creatures. ‘Dear little explorers,’ she began with a warm smile, ‘today we say goodbye for a short while. But remember, each of you carries a piece of our classroom in your heart.’ She handed out little handmade cards, each with a student’s name and a special note. ‘These are to remind you that learning doesn’t stop with school walls. Be curious, read books, help at home, and play in the snow—but most importantly, be kind to each other.’ The children hugged Miss Hattie, promising to make her proud during the winter break. As they waved goodbye, their laughter filled the chilly air, warming Miss Hattie’s heart. The school bell rang one last time, signaling the beginning of the holidays. Miss Hattie stood at the gate, watching her beloved students disappear into the snowy horizon, ready for the adventures that awaited them. ‘Happy vacations, my dears!’ she called out. ‘Stay bright like the winter stars!’

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