The Musical Yeti Tummy

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In the frosty folds of the Snowflake Mountains lived a rather curious and clumsy yeti named Yumbles. Yumbles was known by all the creatures of the mountains as the gentle giant who loved to dance to the whispers of the wind and the rhythms of the rumbling avalanches. One sunny morning, Yumbles found something shiny and sleek glinting in the snow. It was a rectangle with a glass face that glowed with colors and danced with moving pictures. What Yumbles didn’t know was that he had just discovered a lost phone, accidentally dropped by a mountain climber. Without a second thought, and thinking it was a chilly ice treat, Yumbles popped it right into his mouth. But oh dear, the phone started to make the strangest of sounds from within Yumbles’ belly! It beeped, it played tunes and even shouted ‘Hello?’ with such persistence that Yumbles’ tummy turned into a musical instrument of its own. The creatures of the Snowflake Mountains gathered around, intrigued by the symphony coming from Yumbles. Birds tweeted in harmony, rabbits drummed their feet, and the trees seemed to sway in rhythm. Yumbles became the center of a mountain concert he never intended to start! Feeling a bit of a ruckus in his belly, Yumbles gave a big yeti jump. Out popped the phone, soaring into the air and landing softly on a snow pillow. It was a little wet, but it rang one last time with a song that had everyone giggling and cheering for the musical yeti tummy. The mountain climber returned, relieved to recover his lost phone. He thanked Yumbles with a warm hug and joined the dance, realizing the mountains had music in their heart, thanks to a yeti’s accidental snack. And from that day on, Yumbles was more careful with what he nibbled, but his belly tunes were a tale forever told and giggled about in the Snowflake Mountains.

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