Luna and the Gentle Alien

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Once upon a time, in a cozy little house at the edge of Starryville, a three-year-old girl named Luna had a very special surprise awaiting her. One sunny morning, her daddy walked in with a tiny, giggling creature with sparkly eyes. ‘Meet our new family member!’ he announced. ‘This is Jibber, a little alien from the cuddly planet of Squishelon!’ Luna’s eyes grew as big as saucers, and she squealed with delight. She adored Jibber’s cute little arms and squishy feet. However, Luna loved to give big, tight hugs, not knowing that Jibber didn’t like being squeezed so hard. One day, as Luna hugged Jibber a little too firmly, the little alien let out a tiny ‘eep!’ Daddy noticed this and gently knelt beside Luna. ‘Sweetheart, just like how you like soft cuddles, Jibber likes them too. Can you show me how you’d hug your fluffy teddy bear?’ Daddy asked kindly. Luna thought for a moment and gently wrapped her arms around her teddy. ‘Just like that, see? Jibber will be much happier with a gentle touch,’ Daddy smiled. Luna turned to Jibber and very softly, very gently, gave a little hug. Jibber’s eyes twinkled happily. From that day on, Luna became the best gentle-hugger in Starryville, and Jibber was her happiest little space friend. And so they lived, learning and playing, in their cozy little house, with gentle care for every hug and giggle that echoed under its roof.

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