The Yeti and the Jalapeño Jam

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Once upon a time, in the chilly peaks of the faraway Himalayas, there lived a gentle Yeti named Yanni. Yanni was fluffy and kind. He loved frolicking in the snow and playing hide-and-seek with the mountain goats. However, there was one thing that Yanni could not handle: the taste of chili or jalapeño peppers. Just one little bite would make his eyes water and his fur stand on end. It was a well-known fact among the Yetis that their tummies were too sensitive for such spicy treats. Yanni had heard tales about his distant cousins across the world in America, known as the Sasquatches. They were a lot like the Yetis, big and furry, and they lived in the forests. Sasquatches and Yetis shared a lot in common, especially their large footprints and love for solitude. But unlike their Himalayan relatives, the Sasquatches had no trouble munching on spicy jalapeños and making chili jams. They even had special festivals where they would share their spiciest recipes with each other. One sunny day, a friendly Sasquatch named Sam visited Yanni. Sam brought with him a jar of jalapeño jam, a specialty from the forests of America. ‘This is for you, cousin,’ Sam said with a grin. ‘But remember, it’s zesty!’ Yanni was touched by the gift and very curious. He had never tried such a thing before. With caution, he took a tiny taste. ‘Oh my!’ Yanni gasped, as a single teardrop streamed down his cheek. ‘It’s like a firework in my mouth!’ Sam chuckled warmly. ‘Don’t worry, Yanni. It takes practice for a Yeti. Perhaps one day you’ll enjoy this just as we do.’ From that day on, Yanni stuck to his sweet honey and berries, but he always cherished Sam’s gift. It reminded Yanni of the special bond he shared with his American cousin, and the wonderful diversity of flavors and friends around the world. And who knows, maybe one day, a Yeti festival would feature a tiny jar of sweet, not spicy, jalapeño jam.

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