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In a snowy land, far beyond the tallest mountains, lived a cheerful yeti named Willy. Willy was known for his fluffy white fur and a heart-warming smile that could melt the iciest snowbanks. He loved his name because it was given to him by his sweet yeti parents who adored the uniqueness it brought. Willy the Yeti was a perfect name for him, as it reflected his friendly personality. One sunny morning, while Willy was sipping on his favorite icy berry tea, he pondered about names and their meanings. ‘Should all creatures have names like Willy?’ he wondered aloud, and he decided to ask his friends. First, he met Betty the snowy owl who hooted wisely, ‘Willy is a fine name for you, but for an owl like me? I prefer something that sings in the night sky!’ Then, Willy met Fred the arctic hare, who twitched his whiskers and said, ‘Willy is a fun name but I think it fits a yeti more than a quick hare like me!’ As Willy explored and chatted with more friends, he realized that every creature has a name that fits just right. It was not about whether a name could be given to various creatures, but rather about the unique personality and traits each name represented. As twilight fell over the majestic mountains, Willy returned home with a happy heart. He understood that names have special meanings, and it’s the love and character behind them that truly mattered. That night, Willy slept peacefully, feeling proud of his name and knowing that every creature, big or small, feathered or furred, has a name that is just perfect for them.

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