The Bald Yeti of London

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Once upon a time, in a cozy house in London, there lived a very unusual family. Among them was Eddie, the yeti, who was unlike any other yeti because he didn’t have a single hair on his body. Eddie was a bald yeti, and while his human family loved him just the same, his baldness brought about some quirky challenges. As winter approached, Eddie began to feel very chilly. Without a fluffy coat, he shivered and shook, so the family knitted him a giant sweater, colorful and warm. But when he walked the streets of London, people would stop and stare, asking, ‘Why does that giant need such a big sweater?’ Eddie tried to explain, but as you know, yetis only speak ‘Yetish’, which sounds a lot like friendly growls. The next problem came when it rained. For a hairy yeti, raindrops would just roll off their fur, but poor Eddie would get drenched to the bone. So his family got him a huge umbrella, brightly spotted, which he carried with pride. However, the wind in London can be swift, and one gusty day, Eddie’s umbrella turned inside out, lifting him off the ground! What a sight, a flying yeti over London! Lastly, there was the sun. A sunny day is nice for us, but for Eddie, without hair to shield him, he could get a sunburn. To solve this, Eddie donned a large floppy hat and slathered on sunscreen. Children in the park giggled, pointing at the yeti under the giant hat, slapping on sunscreen like it was snow he was trying to pack on. Despite these impracticalities, Eddie and his family learned to adapt and tackle each problem with laughter and love. As the neighborhood got used to this hairless yeti’s quirky solutions, Eddie became a beloved figure, teaching everyone that being different is not only okay but can bring everyone together in the most unexpected ways.

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