The Yeti’s Mountain Friends

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High up in the snow-covered mountains, where the chilly winds whispered secrets of the ancient earth, there lived a friendly yeti named Yara. Yara was a gentle giant, with fur as white as the snowflakes that danced in the air. She loved two things more than anything: sleeping under the twinkling stars and the company of her mountain goat friends. You see, mountain goats were not just any friends to Yara; they were her bedtime buddies. Every evening as the sun dipped below the craggy peaks, Yara would find the coziest spot near the mountain goats. But why did she love sleeping near these nimble creatures? The secret was the warmth of friendship. The mountain goats, with their thick fur and wise eyes, had learned to trust Yara. They knew she meant no harm. In return for their trust, Yara offered them protection from sneaky snow leopards and fierce eagles. Safe within Yara’s watchful presence, the goats felt at ease, knowing that no predator would dare approach. Moreover, the rhythmic sound of the goats’ peaceful breathing and the soft drumming of their hooves on the rocky ground were like a lullaby to Yara. The mountain air was always so crisp and cold that it made Yara sleepy, but the warmth of her friends kept the chill away. They would huddle together, sharing stories of the day’s adventures until the moon was high and their eyes grew heavy. Together, Yara and the mountain goats would dream under the starlit sky, the mountains their grand bed frame. Every morning, they would awake to a new day, ready to explore and play, with the warmth of their friendship as cozy as ever. And that’s why, just like Yara, yetis like to sleep near mountain goats – for in the mountains, friendships are just as important as finding the perfect spot to slumber.

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