The Sticky Fear of the Snowy Yeti

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In the chilly peaks of Mount Whisper, lived Yula the Yeti with fur as white as the snowflakes that danced in the air. One day, Yula found a strange tube left by a wandering explorer. Out of curiosity, he poked it with his large paw and SPLAT! A gooey, sticky substance oozed out and stuck to his fluffy fur. It was toothpaste, but Yula didn’t know that, and he felt something he’d rarely felt before—fear!\n\nYula worried he’d be stuck to the ground forever, just like the ice that clung to the mountain peaks. He remembered stories of his ancestors about the ’14 Sticky Situations’ where yetis would get tangled in sap or coated in berry goo. But Yula’s clever friends, the Arctic Hares, knew just what to do. They gathered warm water from the geysers and gently washed the sticky paste away.\n\n’You see, Yula,’ they said, twirling their whiskers, ‘even the strongest yetis can find themselves in a sticky mess, but with friends to help, there’s nothing to fear.’\n\nThe snowy yeti learned a valuable lesson that day—not about toothpaste, but about trust and the warmth friendship brings, even in the coldest places. He bounced joyfully around his hare pals, no longer afraid of getting stuck, for he knew togetherness was the key to facing any sticky fear.

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