The Sleepy Night with a Gentle Yeti

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Once upon a twilight hour, in a cozy little town nestled among rolling hills, there lived a small boy named Timmy. He loved nothing more than gazing at the stars that twinkled like diamonds in the night sky. One starry evening, he was sitting on his porch munching on buttery popcorn when he heard a soft thud nearby. To Timmy’s surprise, it was a huge, ginormous yeti with fur as white as the glistening snow! But this yeti was not at all like the scary creatures from tales; it was friendly and had a warm smile that glowed under the moonlight. The yeti sat down beside Timmy, and with a gentle gesture, asked if he could share the popcorn. As they snacked together, Timmy’s eyes grew heavy with sleep. The yeti noticed this and gently scooped Timmy up in its large, furry arms. ‘You need your rest, little friend,’ the yeti whispered. It hummed a lullaby from the mountains that soothed Timmy, and the crickets joined in with their nighttime symphony. Timmy felt safe and cozy, like he was wrapped in a blanket of soft clouds. In no time, he was sound asleep, dreaming of more peaceful, starlit adventures with his yet new friend. When he woke up the next morning, the yeti was gone, but left behind was an extra-large popcorn kernel as a memento of their magical night. Timmy smiled, knowing that the world was full of wonderful friends to meet, even if only for a short while. From that night on, Timmy always shared his popcorn, just in case his giant, gentle friend came back for another sleepy, starry night.

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