Timmy’s Tiny Resolutions

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Timmy Turtle was a young turtle with a big shell and even bigger dreams. As the New Year approached, Timmy sat on the riverbank, watching the ripples reflect the sparkling stars. He thought hard about what New Year’s resolutions he should make. First, Timmy decided to be neater in his shell-home. His books and toys always seemed to be in a wild jumble. ‘I’ll organize my shell every week,’ he determinedly declared. Next, Timmy thought about school. ‘I will learn a new word every day,’ he said, imagining himself impressing his friends with his vast vocabulary. ‘And I’ll help my classmates with their spelling, too!’ Timmy also wanted to be more adventurous, but he was often shy. ‘I’ll join one new club this year. Maybe the Painting Club!’ he said with growing excitement. ‘That way, I can make new friends and learn something fun.’ His last resolution was one close to his heart. ‘I will spend more time with Grandma Turtle,’ he resolved. ‘She always tells the best stories, and I can help her in the garden.’ Feeling satisfied with his list, Timmy called out to the twinkling stars, ‘I may be small, but my resolutions are mighty!’ As the new year began, Timmy stuck to his words. He tidied his shell, dazzled his friends with words like ‘quizzical’ and ‘flabbergasted’, painted a colorful scene of the riverbank, and planted roses with Grandma Turtle every Sunday. With each day, Timmy felt prouder and happier, knowing that even the smallest resolutions could make the biggest difference in his world.

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