The Little Red-Caped Girl

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Once upon a time, in a lush green forest, there lived a little girl known for her bright red cape. Every sunny morning, she would put on her favorite cape, the one her grandmother had lovingly made for her, and skip along the forest path to bring warm cookies to her dear granny. The birds would sing, and the squirrels would scamper alongside the little red-caped girl as she went on her merry way. One day, the little girl met a sly wolf on the path. ‘Where are you going, little red-caped girl?’ asked the wolf with a grin. ‘To my grandmother’s house, to share these cookies,’ she replied, unaware of the wolf’s cunning plan. The wolf raced ahead, and with a bit of trickery, he arrived at granny’s house first. But, the clever grandmother saw through his disguise and quickly hatched a plan. She dressed a scarecrow in her clothes and hid under the bed. When the little girl arrived, she found the ‘grandmother’ looking a bit odd, but before she could say a word, the wolf, disguised as granny, leaped towards her. Suddenly, the real granny emerged, and together with the little girl, they chased the wolf away with laughter and cheer. The forest animals all cheered, and they all sat down to cookies and tea, happy that their cleverness had saved the day. From that day on, the little girl learned to be cautious and to trust her instincts. And the wolf? Well, he learned that it’s not nice to trick people, especially not a little girl in a red cape and her wise grandmother. The end.

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