New Year’s Resolution in the Enchanted Forest

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Once upon a time in a brightly colored woodland, there was an eager little squirrel named Sammy who loved New Year’s Day. It was the time when all animals in the Enchanted Forest would make their New Year’s resolutions. Sammy scurried down from his oak tree abode, his eyes sparkling with excitement for the big meeting where everyone would share their plans for the year. ‘This year,’ declared Sammy, ‘I’m going to learn to fly!’ The other animals chuckled softly, knowing squirrels couldn’t fly. But Ellie the wise old owl hooted, ‘It’s good to aim high, Sammy. Maybe you could learn something else that’s special for squirrels.’ Sammy thought hard and then his face brightened. ‘I’ll become the best tree jumper in the forest!’ he exclaimed with glee. ‘I will practice every day until I can leap from tree to tree as effortlessly as the wind.’ The animals all clapped and cheered, for this was a splendid resolution indeed. Throughout the year, Sammy practiced diligently. He would leap, stumble, get up, and try again. Though he fell many times, his determination never wavered. By the time winter had wrapped its chilly arms around the forest again, Sammy had become a master of the treetops. His friends would watch in awe as he jumped gracefully from branch to branch. On the next New Year’s Day, Sammy shared his accomplishment with a proud smile and the forest friends celebrated the power of a resolution made with true heart. And that’s how Sammy learned that while you may not reach the stars, with hard work, you can certainly climb to the top of the trees.

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