Snowy Lessons with Lucas and Wally

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Once upon a time in the heart of a snowy forest, there lived a boy named Lucas and his mythical friend, Wally the Sasquatch. Wally had enormous, fluffy feet, which left peculiar, large footprints wherever he roamed in the wintry woods. Children would often giggle, spotting his famous tracks and knowing that Wally wasn’t just a tale. One sparkling winter day, Lucas was showing Wally how to make snow cones from fresh snow. ‘Remember, Wally,’ Lucas said with a smile, ‘we only use the white snow, because it’s clean and pure! Yellow snow is a no-no because it’s where animals might have – oopsie!’ Lucas didn’t finish, but Wally nodded his big hairy head in understanding. Meanwhile, Mama was indoors, preparing hot cocoa for their snowy adventure. She watched through the window as Lucas used a little shovel to carefully gather white snow into a bowl, making sure it was the perfect snow for their treat. ‘Now, Wally,’ Lucas explained, ‘we add some fruit juice and voila! A delicious snow cone!’ Wally’s eyes sparkled like the snowflakes around them. He took a big gulp of the fruity snow cone and his laughter echoed through the forest. Together, they learned that fun in the snow comes with knowing the right snow to use for play. Lucas felt proud, helping his big-footed friend learn the snowy ways of the forest. By the end of the day, Wally knew all he needed about snow eating and the two shared many delicious, fruity snow cones. The day was filled with joy and new knowledge, and as they headed back home, Wally made sure to only step in the whitest parts of the snow, leaving behind a path of Sasquatch prints and a story for others to tell.

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