Rudolph’s Melody and Yeti’s Mishap

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In the snowy land of Fjällstad, children loved to sing about Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. They sang in Swedish, with voices so sweet: ‘Rudolf med röda mulen, har en mycket lysande nos. Och om du någonsin såg hon, skulle du till och med säga att den lyser.’ Their song echoed through the frosty air, spreading cheer to every corner of the village. One chilly evening, as the children practiced their carols, a curious yeti named Yoyo lumbered into town. He was drawn by the beautiful melody, his big feet crunching in the snow. The children welcomed him warmly, sharing their songs and festive joy. Suddenly, Yoyo spotted Grandma Ingrid’s shiny phone, which she had left on the porch while baking cookies. The yeti, not knowing any better, thought it was a snack and gobbled it up in one bite! The phone buzzed and jingled inside Yoyo’s belly, playing ‘Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer’ in a muffled tune. The children giggled, but kindly explained to Yoyo why eating phones was not a good idea. It could hurt his tummy and phones were important for staying connected with loved ones. Yoyo felt sorry and after a few pats on the back, the phone popped out, still working! Grandma Ingrid wasn’t cross; she just laughed and hugged the big, fluffy yeti. She taught Yoyo the proper way to enjoy a melody, by listening and singing along, not eating the singer’s phone. From that day on, Yoyo became the best singer of ‘Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer’ in all Fjällstad. He also learned to never munch on anything that wasn’t food, especially not Grandma’s phone.

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