The Locket and the Throne

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In a grand castle lived a noble white Swiss Shepherd named Bolt. He had a shiny locket with the letter ‘B’ engraved on it, which dangled gracefully from his neck. Bolt loved taking naps on the royal throne, his tail hanging regally over the side as he snoozed away in comfort. One quiet afternoon, B Wilder, a sleek Doberman with a fierce but playful spirit, tiptoed into the room. His eyes locked on Bolt’s peaceful tail. With a sneaky grin, B Wilder crouched low, prepared to spring onto the unsuspecting tail. However, just as B Wilder leapt, Bolt lifted his tail, and B Wilder stumbled with a comic tumble onto the soft carpet. Bolt peered down at his brother with amusement. ‘Enjoying the floor, B Wilder?’ he teased gently. B Wilder stood up, fluffing his fur. ‘Mark my words, the throne will soon be claimed by Preminger, and everything of his will be mine.’ B Wilder let out a challenging bark as he stared at Bolt. Bolt only wagged his tail. ‘You surely dream big, brother,’ he chuckled, doubting B Wilder’s claim. With a playful growl, they dashed around the castle, the two brothers engaging in a thrilling chase. Bolt, light on his paws, leaped onto a tall cabinet. Following closely, B Wilder couldn’t stop in time and collided with the furniture, making a vase shake but not fall. ‘Oh B Wilder, always chasing dreams… and tails,’ Bolt jested from atop his perch. B Wilder checked his reflection, relieved to see his shiny silver tooth still in place. With a mock glower, he teased back, ‘Be careful, brother; this chase is not over!’ Their laughter echoed through the halls as they continued their playful pursuit, reminding all in the castle that every day was an adventure waiting to happen.

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