Daisy and the Friendly Fire Dragon

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Once upon a time, in a lush valley surrounded by towering mountains, there was a fire dragon named Flare who loved to dance among the clouds. Despite his fearsome appearance, Flare had the warmest heart and only wanted to make friends. However, every time he approached the animals, they would scamper away in fear of his fiery breath and scaly red skin. One sunny day, a brave little girl named Daisy was picking flowers near the mountains when she spotted Flare. Unlike the other animals, Daisy wasn’t afraid. She saw past Flare’s fiery exterior and noticed his bright, friendly eyes. With a smile, Daisy waved at the dragon. To her surprise, he waved back with his large wing and let out a joyful, smoky chuckle. ‘Hello, Mr. Dragon! Would you like to be friends?’ Daisy called out. ‘Oh, yes! I’d love to!’ Flare replied, his voice as warm as a toasty campfire. From that day on, Daisy and Flare became the best of friends. They explored the valley, shared stories, and even roasted marshmallows on Flare’s breath. The other animals soon realized that Flare was kind-hearted, and the valley was filled with laughter and play once more. And so, Flare, the fire dragon, found friendship and happiness, showing everyone that you can’t judge a book by its cover, or a dragon by its fiery breath. Daisy and Flare proved that with a little bravery and understanding, even the most unlikely friendships could ignite.

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