The Yeti’s Mountain Melody

Once upon a time in a snowy mountain range, whispers of a gentle yeti named Yara spread through the nearby villages. Yara was different from what stories told; she loved music and warmth of heart more than anything.

Every full moon, Yara would come down from her icy cave, her large feet leaving deep, soft prints in the snow. She had a special place where she played her flute, made from a magical ice that never melted. The melody was so enchanting that even the wind seemed to dance along, carrying the sweet notes to the valley below.

One evening, a curious boy named Milo followed the melody. He found Yara sitting on a moonlit glade, her furry fingers moving gracefully over the flute. He was scared at first, but as he listened, his fear melted away like the first snow under the morning sun.

‘Hello,’ Milo said, stepping into the clearing. Yara stopped playing, surprised. She had never met a human so close before.

Milo smiled at her. ‘Your music is beautiful. Why do you play alone?’ he asked.

Yara, though shy, felt a warm glow in her heart. She explained that she thought no one would want to listen to a yeti’s tune.

Milo laughed. ‘But it’s wonderful! We should have a concert! Everyone would come to hear you play.’

And so they did. The news of a yeti’s concert spread quickly, and one night the villagers gathered at the clearing, wrapping themselves in warm blankets. Yara played her flute, and this time her music weaved through the hearts of everyone there, filling the night with joy and friendship.

From that night on, Yara was no longer the yeti of the mountain; she was Yara, the mountain’s greatest musician, and her concerts became a beloved tradition, bringing warmth to even the coldest of nights.

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