The Royal Rumble of Bolt and B Wilder

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Once upon a time within the grand walls of an ancient castle, there lived a gallant white Swiss Shepherd named Bolt. Bolt had a shimmering coat as white as snow and a heart full of courage. Adorning his neck was a special locket, marked with the letter ‘B’, which lay against him as he snoozed peacefully upon a majestic throne. His tail curled lazily over the armrest, undisturbed in slumber until a sneaky Doberman named B Wilder trotted into the throne room. B Wilder, with his sleek black fur, had a mischievous glint in his eye as he approached Bolt. He crouched low, preparing to leap at Bolt’s tail. But just as he pounced, Bolt, with almost magical instinct, flicked his tail away, and B Wilder tumbled to the floor with a loud plop! Bolt opened one eye and looked down at B Wilder with amusement. ‘Enjoy it now, Bolt, because it won’t be yours for much longer,’ B Wilder snorted, quickly standing to face the regal dog on the throne. Bolt yawned and stretched, ‘Oh please, having delusions again, B Wilder?’ he teased. ‘The throne will belong to Preminger, and what’s his, will soon be mine,’ B Wilder declared with a snarl. With that, a playful chase began. Bolt leapt from the throne to a nearby cabinet with the agility of a knight. B Wilder, determined and swift, followed but crashed into the cabinet with a mighty thud! ‘Oh, did you lose a tooth, B Wilder?’ Bolt jested, looking down from his cabinet perch. ‘My tooth? Not my tooth!’ B Wilder checked his reflection, relieved to see his shiny silver tooth still in place. He then glared at Bolt. ‘You better hope you have nine lives, Bolt,’ B Wilder growled menacingly. As he barked, a kind-hearted Princess Anneliese scooped up Bolt in her arms, bringing him to the safety of her room. There, Bolt rested, knowing he was safe within the loving embrace of his owner and the castle’s gentle princess.

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