Kiki’s Broomstick Buffet

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In the cozy little village of Brushwood, there lived a cheerful girl named Kiki, known for her splendid straw broomstick. One bright morning, Kiki went out to sweep her small porch when a group of curious cows wandered by from the nearby meadow. Their big, gentle eyes were filled with wonder as they saw Kiki’s broomstick. With a soft moo, the brown cow leaned forward and took a gentle nibble of the straw from the broomstick. Kiki giggled as the broomstick twitched in her hand. ‘Oh, you must be hungry!’ she exclaimed, holding the broomstick out to the cows. Soon, all the cows were happily munching on the straws, their tails swishing in delight. Kiki didn’t mind one bit; she found their company quite amusing. As she laughed, a playful calf came closer and started to nibble on Kiki’s hair, thinking it might be as tasty as the broomstick straw. Kiki couldn’t help but laugh even more. Her heart filled with joy as she stroked the calf’s soft head. ‘Well, I guess you think everything is food, little one,’ she said with a smile. The cheerful sound of her laughter filled the air, making it a heartwarming scene. After their peculiar snack, the cows sensed it was time to leave. With a happy moo, they gave Kiki a grateful, loving nuzzle before heading back to the meadow. Kiki waved goodbye, her heart warmed by the unexpected adventure. She knew she would always have a special place in her heart for her broomstick buffet. And from that day on, Kiki kept a little bundle of straw aside just for her new friends. She had discovered that sometimes, the simplest things could bring the most joy, and that sharing could create the fondest memories.

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