The Earth Dragon of Willowbrook

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In the lush, green village of Willowbrook, where flowers bloomed all year round and the trees danced with the breeze, there lived a special dragon named Diggory. Unlike the fiery dragons of legend, Diggory was an Earth Dragon, with shimmering emerald scales and a heart as warm as the soil he loved to tend. Diggory spent his days tending to the plants and animals, using his mighty claws to turn the earth and his gentle breath to spread seeds across the land. He made sure each plant got just enough sunlight and watered the meadows with the gentle rain that followed his cheerful hums. The villagers rarely saw Diggory, but they knew he was there, making the land around them ever so fertile. One spring morning, when Diggory awoke from his winter slumber, he discovered that the great willow tree at the heart of the village wasn’t in bloom. Concerned, Diggory gently caressed the tree’s trunk, feeling the pulse of the earth. He realized that the tree needed help to find the nourishing water deep below. With great care, Diggory tapped his feet to the ground, sending soft vibrations through the earth. The vibrations carried whispers to the roots of the willow tree, guiding them towards a hidden spring. Slowly, the roots twisted and twined their way down, until they touched the life-giving waters. With a happy rustle, the willow tree burst into bloom, its graceful branches swaying with gratitude. The children of Willowbrook marveled at the sight, their eyes wide with wonder. From that day on, they left little gifts of shiny stones and sweet berries at the base of the great willow tree for Diggory, with notes of thanks for the beautiful village he helped sustain. And though they never saw him, the children felt the magic of the Earth Dragon in every flower, tree, and blade of grass, and knew that the heart of Willowbrook was tenderly guarded by a gentle giant. Diggory the Earth Dragon had brought harmony to the village, and the Earth thrived under his watchful care.

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