The Friendly Fire Dragon

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Once upon a time, in a valley surrounded by towering mountains, there lived a little dragon named Ember. Unlike other dragons who hoarded gold or captured princesses, Ember had a warm heart and loved making friends. Ember was a Fire Dragon, which meant he could breathe out not just smoke and flames, but also tiny sparks of fire that tickled rather than burned. Ember lived in a cozy cave high up on the mountain’s edge. Every morning, he would soar through the sky, greeting every creature he met with a fiery yet gentle hello. The problem, however, was that everyone was afraid of Ember’s fire. Wherever he went, the other animals would scurry away in fear. ‘Why does everyone run from me?’ Ember once asked his reflection in a clear mountain stream. One day, the valley was very cold, with a snowstorm approaching, and all the animals were shivering. Ember knew he could help. He gathered some fallen branches and, with a small puff, lit a warm and inviting fire. The animals, although scared at first, soon realized that Ember’s fire was not dangerous but rather a source of warmth and comfort. From that day on, there was no more fear. The animals would come to Ember whenever they needed to get cozy and warm, and Ember was always happy to oblige. Ember realized that what made him different didn’t have to scare others away. Instead, it could be what brought them together. Ember was no longer the Fire Dragon everyone feared, but the Fire Dragon everyone loved. And so, the valley was filled with warmth, friendship, and the gentle crackling of Ember’s fire.

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