The Friendly Dark Dragon

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In the land of Shimmering Scales, there was a dragon unlike any other. Her name was Luna, and her scales glistened like the night sky. She was known as the Dark Dragon because she looked different from her fire-breathing friends who sparkled in bright reds, greens, and golds. But Luna had a secret; she didn’t breathe fire. Instead, she breathed glittering stars that lit up the night. The other dragons didn’t understand her and often stayed away, thinking that her darkness meant she was scary and mean. Poor Luna felt lonely and wished she could show them the kindness in her heart. One night, a group of young dragons found themselves lost in the Whispering Woods. The woods were tangled and dark, and the little dragons were afraid. Remembering the stories about the Dark Dragon, they shivered in silence. Suddenly, a beautiful glow appeared from behind the trees, and to their surprise, it was Luna! She saw the fear in their eyes and whispered gently, ‘Do not be afraid, I’m here to help you.’ With a soft breath, Luna released a cascade of twinkling stars that lit up the path home. The young dragons saw that Luna’s dark appearance held a magnificent light. They realized they had been wrong about her and thanked her for her guidance. From that night on, Luna became a celebrated dragon in Shimmering Scales. The other dragons learned that darkness doesn’t mean fear and that things are not always what they seem at first glance. Luna had shown them that true beauty and kindness come from within, and her starry night breath became a symbol of hope and wonder for all. Luna, the Dark Dragon, made many friends and no longer felt lonely. The dragons of Shimmering Scales learned an important lesson: to never judge a dragon by the color of her scales. For in the darkness of Luna’s scales, they found a friend whose heart was filled with the brightest light.

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