The Little Fire Dragon

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In the heart of the vast Ember Peaks, there lived a family of mighty dragons known for their fiery breath and gleaming scales. Among them was a little fire dragon named Flicker who had yet to breathe his first flame. Instead of fire, Flicker could only puff out tiny swirls of smoke, much to the amusement of his dragon siblings. They would soar into the sky, igniting the clouds with their intense heat while Flicker watched longingly from below. One evening, the dragons gathered to listen to the Elder Dragon’s tale of the ancient , where a magical firestone rested, said to awaken the true potential of a fire dragon’s might. Flicker’s heart leapt at the thought. ‘Maybe the firestone could help me!’ he pondered. As the moon danced over the night sky, Flicker embarked on a secret quest to find the firestone. The journey was fraught with challenges, from climbing steep cliffs to maneuvering through a dense filled with chattering in the dark. After a long trek, Flicker reached the lair. It glowed with a that seemed to beckon him closer. There, nestled among the treasures, was the radiant firestone. Its warmth pulsed like a heartbeat, and as Flicker touched it, a spark ignited within him. A scorching flame erupted from his snout, coloring him with a newfound pride. Flicker returned home, bursting with excitement to show his family. As they watched him breathe a magnificent pillar of fire into the sky, their hearts swelled with pride. ‘You have found your flame, Flicker!’ cheered the Elder Dragon. From that day on, Flicker was known as the bravest dragon of Ember Peaks. His journey taught everyone that sometimes the smallest flames could grow into the fiercest fires, and all it takes is a spark of courage to blaze your own trail.

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