The Fire Dragon of Mount Sparkle

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Once upon a time, in a kingdom surrounded by the majestic Mount Sparkle, tales of a magnificent Fire Dragon spread far and wide. This dragon wasn’t like any other ordinary dragon – it had scales that shimmered like the sun and breath that could light up the darkness of any night. But, unlike the stories that painted the dragon as fearsome and destructive, the Fire Dragon of Mount Sparkle was kind-hearted and loved to keep the mountain warm for all its creatures. One chilly evening, the inhabitants of the kingdom noticed that the mountain had grown cold. sounds were no longer heard, and the cheerful chirps of birds were absent. The skies had grown dark, and everyone feared that the Fire Dragon had lost its flame. A brave young girl named Lily decided to embark on an adventure to find the dragon and help it. Carrying her small lantern, she journeyed up the rocky paths of Mount Sparkle. Lily encountered sounds along the way but remained undaunted. She finally found the dragon lying quietly, its usual spark dimmed. ‘Oh mighty Dragon,’ Lily whispered, ‘the mountain is cold, and your fire is missed. How can I help you reignite your flame?’ The dragon let out a soft , more like a whimper, and looked at Lily with gratitude. It explained that it had been protecting the mountain for centuries and only needed a bit of rest to regain its strength. Lily had brought along a magical ember she found in the . She offered it to the dragon, and with a gentle swirl, the dragon’s fiery breath came back to life! The dragon thanked Lily with a joyful and promised to always guard the mountain and its kingdom. The Fire Dragon soared into the sky, its flames lighting up the night once more, and warmth returned to the kingdom. From that day on, Lily was known as the Dragon’s Friend, and her tale of bravery and kindness was told for generations to come. And whenever the night was especially dark, the people of the kingdom would look up to see the Fire Dragon of Mount Sparkle, a guardian of light and warmth.

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