Skyler, the Sky Dragon

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High above the fluffy cotton-candy clouds, where the air was crisp and the sun danced on the ethereal blue canvas, lived a magnificent dragon named Skyler. He was unlike any dragon you’ve ever heard of; instead of breathing fire, Skyler could puff out little sparkling clouds and with each breath, he painted colors of the dawn in the sky. One clear morning, as Skyler was weaving pink and orange streaks across the horizon, he heard a soft coming from the edge of the cloud. It was Fiona, the tiny fairy known for her adventurous spirit. ‘Hello, Skyler! The sky looks extra enchanting today,’ Fiona greeted with a giggle, her wings shimmering in the sunlight. ‘Sometimes, I wish I could travel to the lands below,’ Skyler confessed, his eyes reflecting the vast world beneath them. ‘Oh! But you can,’ Fiona said with a twinkle in her eye. ‘The Great Festival is today, where all beings of the air and land meet. You must show them your beautiful sky art!’ Skyler’s heart fluttered with excitement. He had always stayed high in the heavens, wary of scaring the folks below. But with the assurance of a friend, he decided it was time to descend and share his sky canvas with everyone. The journey was filled with delight. Children below pointed up at the dragon, their faces alight with wonder. Skyler took a deep breath and let out the most splendid of clouds ever seen. Cheers and laughter filled the air as the festival-goers marveled at the dancing figures and shapes in the sky. As night approached, Skyler even weaved a with his sparkling breath, a gift to the stargazers. The people of the land had never seen a dragon like Skyler. They sang songs in his honor, and he felt a warmth in his heart he’d never felt before. And so, Skyler, the sky dragon, found his new joy amongst the clouds and the people below. He became the bridge between the earth and the heavens, leaving behind a trail of joy and a sky full of dreams.

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