The Littlest Wizard at Starlight Academy

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In the mystical land of Etheria, there was a special school hidden beyond the clouds, called Starlight Academy. It was not an ordinary school, but a magical place where young wizards learned to harness their powers. One day, a new student joined named Toby, the youngest and most eager of all. Unlike other wizards, he didn’t have a family of magicians; his gift was a rare occurrence, and he was determined to become the best wizard Etheria had ever seen. As Toby walked through the grand halls lined with shimmering portraits of past wizards, he heard the and bubbling in the background. His big eyes were filled with wonder, for every corner held a new enchantment. His first class was Potions and Enchantments, taught by the wise Professor Nightshine, who had a long silver beard and wore robes that sparkled like the night sky. ‘Focus and patience are the keys to magic,’ he said as his wand flicked, making resonate through the room. Each student at the academy had a magical companion, and Toby’s was a tiny dragon named Spark. Although Spark was just learning to produce little , he and Toby were an unbeatable team. Together, they tackled spellcasting and potion-making, but not without a few mishaps. Once, Toby accidentally turned his homework into a frog! ‘Ribbit’, it went as it hopped across the desk. But Professor Nightshine just chuckled—a mistake was simply a lesson in disguise. The most exciting day came when the students had to practice their first major spell. Toby watched as some conjured vapors, while others levitated books. When it was his turn, he felt a knot in his stomach, but then he remembered the professor’s words. Taking a deep breath, he waved his wand, and a stream of danced around the room as colorful lights swirled above him. The whole class gasped; Toby had just performed a spell that hadn’t been seen for a hundred years! From that day on, Toby became known as the ‘Star of Starlight Academy.’ He realized that strength came not from age or size, but the heart within. The littlest wizard had taught everyone that even the smallest can shine brightly. And as for Toby and Spark? They were just beginning their magical journey, filled with adventures that they would cherish forever.

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