The Rainbow Riddle

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Once upon a time, in a land where the sun smiled down upon fields of flowers, there lived a clever little fox named Felix. Felix loved all things colorful, and nothing brought him more joy than gazing at the vibrant rainbow that arched across the sky after a gentle rain. But one day, something strange happened—the rainbow had lost its colors, and the world seemed a little less magical. Felix, determined to solve this mysterious case, set out on an adventure to bring back the colors of the rainbow. As Felix trotted across the meadow, he encountered various friends—Bella the butterfly, Perry the parrot, and Olivia the owl. They all shared Felix’s concern about the missing rainbow colors and decided to join the quest. As they journeyed, they felt the rustling through the colorful autumn leaves, igniting a clue in their hearts. They decided to ask the wise old turtle, who lived by the serenely. ‘Mr. Turtle,’ Felix said with a hint of worry, ‘the rainbow has lost its colors, and we don’t know why!’ The wise turtle pondered for a moment and then replied, ‘Ah, the colors are there, but you must bring them together to see the magic once more. Each of you possesses a color within – courage, joy, wisdom, and friendship. Share these with each other, and the rainbow will shine again.’ Realizing that the colors were indeed hidden in their own hearts, the friends each found a way to show their inner beauty. Bella the butterfly fluttered her wings with such joy that a vivid orange hue appeared. Perry the parrot squawked with courage, and a vibrant red streak filled a part of the sky. Olivia the owl shared her wisdom, and a deep blue emerged. Finally, Felix, with his unwavering friendship, revealed a warm yellow glow. And as they combined their qualities, the missing colors of the rainbow blossomed across the sky, more radiant than ever before. As the friends admired their handiwork, the quietly passed, leaving a fresh, clean scent in the air and the colorful arch as a testament to their efforts and the power of unity. And Felix learned that sometimes the greatest mysteries are solved not by looking far and wide, but by discovering the wonders that lie within. From that day on, whenever a rainbow appeared, children would remember the tale of Felix and his friends and the colors of the rainbow mystery.

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