The Ice Dragon’s Warm Heart

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In the snowy peaks of the Frostwing Mountains, where blanketed the land in white, lived a magnificent Ice Dragon named Icicle. Unlike the fiery dragons of the south, Icicle had shimmering scales like frosted glass and could breathe a cold mist that turned anything it touched to ice. Icicle was lonely, as the animals of the mountain feared her chilly breath and the stories that were told about fierce dragons. She longed for a friend, someone who wouldn’t be afraid of her icy exterior. One crisp winter day, while Icicle was soaring through the , she noticed a small figure tobogganing down the mountainside. The figure was a boy named Jon, whose scarf had come undone and was now trailing behind him like a colorful banner. Seeing that Jon was headed straight for a dangerous crevasse, Icicle swooped down, her powerfully. With gentle precision, she plucked up the scarf with her claws and wrapped it around Jon safely, steering him away from the peril. Jon, surprised and amazed, looked into Icicle’s kind eyes and saw not a fearsome beast, but a caring soul. He reached out his hand, and cautiously touched her cool scales. They sparkled like a thousand tiny stars under his warm fingers. ‘You saved me!’ exclaimed Jon with a smile. ‘But aren’t you cold up here all by yourself?’ Icicle nodded, letting out a small puff of frosty air that turned into an ice sculpture of a heart. It was her way of saying she might be cold on the outside, but inside, her heart was full of warmth. From that day on, Jon would visit Icicle often. Together, they would glide over the snow-covered trees and play in the , their laughter echoing through the mountains. The other animals saw the friendship between the boy and the Ice Dragon and realized that Icicle was not to be feared. They began to approach her, and soon Icicle found herself surrounded by furry and feathered friends from all around the mountains. Icicle was no longer the lonely Ice Dragon, but the beloved guardian of Frostwing. Her legend, no longer one of a fearsome creature, became a tale of friendship and the warmth that comes from a kind and loving heart, even one made of ice.

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