The Clever Little Mouse

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Once upon a time, in a cozy little house near the meadow, there lived a clever little mouse named Mimi. Mimi was known for her quick wit and her kind heart. One sunny day, Mimi decided to go on an adventure in the meadow to find some delicious cheese she had heard about from a friendly bird. So, she packed her tiny knapsack and scampered out of her mouse hole with a cheerful squeak. As Mimi journeyed through the tall grass, she met a frog named Fred. Fred was trying to catch a fly, but he was having a tough time. Mimi remembered she had a small piece of string in her knapsack, so she helped Fred by crafting a little fly-catching net. In return, Fred offered to show Mimi a secret path to where the wild berries grew. Mimi thanked Fred for his kindness, and together they hopped and scampered along the secret path. When they reached the berry bushes, Mimi was amazed at the sight of the juicy berries. She gathered as many as she could carry in her knapsack and decided to share them with Fred and the friendly bird. Just as she was about to head home, Mimi stumbled upon a piece of cheese, just as the bird had told her! It was sitting right there in the meadow, glimmering in the sunshine. However, Mimi noticed a thin wire nearby—it was a trap! Mimi had an idea. She used her quick thinking to safely nibble the cheese away from the trap without setting it off. With the cheese and berries in her knapsack, Mimi headed back to her mouse hole, eager to share her adventure and treats with her friends. From that day on, Mimi wasn’t just known as the clever little mouse, but also the most generous friend in the meadow. The end.

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