The City of Colors

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In a world painted with colors, there were four mystical cities – Blue, Red, Yellow, and Grey. Each city had its unique inhabitants marked from birth by a magical hue on their skin. Jack was born in the Blue City, where every child arrived in the light of the world with a charming blue mark. The blue-marked folks were known for their kind hearts and prayers; they nurtured the land and cherished peace. One day, Jack met a girl with a vibrant red mark in the marketplace, from the Red City, a place of great warriors and fiery spirits. They were the protectors, strong and brave – the predators that kept balance in the world. The Yellow City was truly enchanting. Those with a sunny yellow mark were angels who soared the skies, spreading joy and healing wherever they flew with a gentle tingling in the air. The last city was bathed in shades of twilight. Its inhabitants bore a noble grey mark. They were known as the Titans, keepers of wisdom and strength, with the ability to reshape mountains and carve rivers. Jack was curious about the other cities and their colorful citizens. Despite being different, they all shared one thing – a world where they could live in harmony, respecting the unique gifts that each city brought into their united realm. One year, the Festival of Colors unified the four cities. Jack couldn’t wait to join the festivities. He marveled as the Red warriors demonstrated clashing steel, the Yellow angels danced with whispers, and the Grey titans sculpted wondrous shapes from the earth. With laughter all around, Jack understood that their marks were not just colors; they were symbols of their shared life and the beauty within their differences. From that day on, Jack cherished his blue mark even more, proud to be part of such a diverse and magical world.

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