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In the mystical land of Viscera, every inhabitant was born as a special organ, each with its own important role to play. The land was alive with , and at its center was Heartsville, the town where little Jakey Heart was born. Jakey was a vibrant little heart who pumped joy and life throughout the land. Not far from Heartsville was Stomach Town, where Greta Stomach helped by breaking down the delicious food sourced from the nearby Liver Fields, powered by Larry Liver. Above them was Vision Valley, where Iris Eye saw the beauty of the world and shared it with others. Up on the hill was Brainopolis, where Barry Brain worked day and night to make sure every organ in Viscera could do its job. One day, they all came together for the Great Organ Gathering. ‘I pump the of life,’ said Jakey proudly. ‘And I supply the nutrients after you eat,’ added Greta with a smile. ‘I help you all see the wonders of our land,’ chirped Iris. ‘And I ensure everyone’s working together perfectly,’ proclaimed Barry. Larry chimed in, ‘I cleanse and support Heartsville’s work!’ Every organ had a purpose, a special task that benefitted their world. They celebrated their unique abilities with a echoing in the air. From that day on, they worked in harmony, showing us that every part, no matter how small, has an essential role to play in life’s grand symphony.

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