The Secret Numbers of Sunnyside

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Once upon a time, in a colorful town called Sunnyside, everyone had a special number that appeared on their bodies. It wasn’t just any number; it sparkled with magic, showing how much kindness a person had spread in the world. Little Alex, a young boy with bright eyes, had the number 12 glistening on his cheek. In Sunnyside, the numbers changed with good deeds; the more you did, the higher your number grew. One sunny morning, while Alex was walking to school, he saw a little bird with a hurt wing. Carefully, Alex approached the bird and gently made a little splint out of sticks and leaves. As soon as he finished helping, a warm glow surrounded Alex, and his number changed from 12 to 13. He felt a burst of happiness knowing he had made a difference. The children of Sunnyside, like Alex, usually had numbers from 1 to 20. Adults had numbers that ranged from 21 to 50, and the elders, the wisest of all, boasted numbers from 51 to 100, each digit a symbol of their lifelong kindness. The most magical part of all was that when folks in Sunnyside reached 100, during the night, they would embark on a journey through the stars to a place of everlasting joy. But there was a tale that if someone’s number reached zero, they would enter a shadowy place with no laughter or light, where no one would want to go. However, nobody in Sunnyside had ever seen such a thing, for they all were kind and worked together to make sure everyone’s number stayed bright and full of light. Alex, with his new number 13 twinkling, knew what he needed to do. Each day, he would find new ways to be kind, helping not just birds but his friends, his family, and even strangers. He planted flowers, shared toys, and always had a kind word for everyone. As he grew, his number rose, just as the sun does every morning, spreading warmth and light over Sunnyside. -The End-

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