The Dragon’s New Friend

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Once upon a time in a lush valley hidden among the high mountains, lived a mighty dragon named Zephyr. He had shimmering green scales and could breathe fire that was as bright as the sun. Zephyr was known to be the guardian of the valley, watching over the creatures big and small. One day, while soaring through the skies, Zephyr noticed a little bunny, lost and afraid. Her name was Lila, and she had wandered too far from home. Seeing the scared bunny, Zephyr decided to land beside her carefully, trying not to frighten her with his large, powerful wings. ‘Hello, little one, why are you all by yourself?’ asked Zephyr with a gentle voice. Lila looked up at the friendly dragon and her fear washed away. She explained how she had been chasing a beautiful butterfly and now couldn’t find her way back home. Zephyr smiled and offered his help. ‘Climb onto my back, Lila, and I’ll fly you home,’ he said. Delighted, Lila hopped onto Zephyr’s back, and together they flew above the tall trees and green meadows. From that day on, Zephyr and Lila became the best of friends. They had many adventures and explored many wonders of the valley together. The other animals would watch them play and realized that the dragon wasn’t scary at all. In fact, he was kind and loving. The valley became a place where everyone lived happily, and it was all because Zephyr, the gentle green dragon, had made a new friend. And Lila learned an important lesson too: sometimes, the most unlikely friendships are the ones that are the most special. The end.

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