Alex and the Kingdom of Fortune

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In a magical land where everyone had a floating number above their heads representing their wealth, there was a boy named Alex. His number was a humble 23k, not too much, but enough for a simple life. The numbers above everyone’s heads were bright and colorful, changing every time they bought a treat or helped out a neighbor. But there was a legend foretelling a place of shadows for those whose numbers fell to zero. Alex avoided that fate by being kind and wise with his spending. One sunny day, wove through the air as the Great Festival began, a time when the richest of all, King Zach, with a number of 120,937,667k, welcomed everyone to his grand castle. King Zach was known far and wide, not just for his vast number but for his generous heart. He believed that sharing wealth was the key to happiness and made sure no one’s number ever fell to the dreaded zero. Alex admired King Zach and dreamt of asking him how he could grow his own number without losing sight of what really mattered. As he made his way to the festival, the sights and sounds of laughter and filled the air. When Alex finally met the king, he was surprised to see that King Zach was ready to listen to a young boy like him. King Zach shared his secret with Alex: ‘True wealth,’ he said, ‘comes from the joy we give and receive. Spend wisely, help others, and your number will surely grow.’ Alex understood that it wasn’t just about having a big number. It was about what you did with it that truly counted. From that day forward, Alex used his money to help his friends and family. His number sometimes went up, sometimes down, but his heart was always full. And around him, the kingdom prospered as everyone followed the example set by a wise king and a thoughtful boy. Alex learned that the brightest numbers were not those above one’s head, but the ones that shone from a generous spirit.

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