The Special Spark of Class Z

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In the land of Luminia, everyone was born with a special spark inside them. This spark determined what class you belonged to – from F class, the most common, to Z class, the rarest of all. The sparks gave people magical abilities and powers that helped them in daily life. Most people had the F class spark, which allowed them to perform small but useful tasks. However, those with a B class spark could do so much more, like control the elements or talk to animals, but only 6.6% of people had such a privilege. Then, there was the Z class spark – a legendary power that less than 1% could boast. Emmy was a kind-hearted girl, who, like most of her friends, grew up believing she was part of the F class. She lived a happy life helping her family and neighbors with her little spark. But one day, everything changed. The annual Festival of Sparks was just around the corner where everyone showcased their abilities. buzzed in the air as the B class demonstrated their prowess. Emmy felt a strange flutter in her heart as she watched, cheering for her friends. That night, a great calamity threatened Luminia when a dark cloud settled over the land, threatening to extinguish all sparks. Fear gripped everyone’s heart as the dark cloud resisted even the strongest B class abilities. Emmy felt that same flutter again, this time stronger, pulsing through her veins. With courage, she stepped forward. The flutter grew into a warm glow, and she reached out her hands. To everyone’s amazement, swirled around Emmy, pushing the dark cloud away. It was then Emmy realized she didn’t just have any spark; she had a Z class spark, stronger than anyone had ever seen. From that day forth, Emmy became a living legend in Luminia. But she remained humble, always reminding others that every spark, no matter what class, was special and valuable. And so, the people of Luminia learned that the true power wasn’t in the class of one’s spark, but in the heart of the one who wielded it.

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