The Tower of Colors

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In a land filled with wonder and splendor, there stood a gigantic tower that pierced the sky, known as the Tower of Colors. Each level of the tower was home to a unique city, each with its own special citizens. On the first level, the city shimmered in shades of blue, where the folks who had blue marks lived. They were known for their intelligence and patience. Despite the rumor that blue marks meant weakness, the blue-marked people were the keepers of knowledge and stories in the tower. On the second floor, the city glowed with radiant reds. Those with red marks on their skin were incredibly strong and fast. They were the protectors and builders, ensuring that the Tower of Colors remained sturdy and safe for all. Their energy and courage were the heartbeat of the tower. The third level was a sight to behold, a city where the black-marked people with the ability to fly and four eyes each soared through the skies. Their vision was unmatched, and they could see things from great distances. They cared for the creatures that flew and kept the skies clear of troubles. Each level of the Tower of Colors was connected by that rumbled as it lowered, allowing the people to visit one another. They learned that each color mark, whether blue, red, or black, held its significance and strength. The citizens realized that when they worked together, combining their unique abilities, their tower city became an unstoppable force of unity and diversity. And so, in the Tower of Colors, everyone lived in harmony, celebrated for their differences and united by their common home.

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