Mariuza, the Timeless Tree

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In the heart of a lush and vibrant forest, where could be heard rustling the leaves, stood Mariuza, a magnificent oak tree with branches reaching out towards the sky like great green arms. Mariuza was no ordinary tree; it was said that she was 95 years old, as wise and as timeless as the forest itself. Legend had it that Mariuza had a secret: she could whisper ancient stories to those who listened closely. Children from nearby villages would often trek through the forest, lured by the whispers of adventure, to sit under her expansive canopy. One day, a small group of friends, Leo, Sara, and Tim, ventured into the heart of the forest searching for Mariuza. They found the oak tree, her leaves whispering gently, creating a soothing . ‘We wish to hear a story from long ago,’ they said, gazing up at Mariuza’s towering figure. Mariuza’s branches seemed to sway as a soft, ancient voice filled the air. She began to recount tales of the forest’s past residents: mischievous pixies, majestic dragons, and even a hidden treasure yet to be found. The children listened in awe as the seemed to carry her voice like a melody. As twilight descended upon the forest, the children thanked Mariuza for the enchanting stories. ‘Remember,’ said the tree, ‘as long as the forest stands, I’ll be here to share its stories.’ Leo, Sara, and Tim promised to return and visit Mariuza, the timeless tree, whose whispers of the past were gifts to all who took a moment to listen. And so, Mariuza, the 95-year-old oak tree, continued to stand guard over the forest, her roots entwined with countless stories, just waiting for the next listener to come along.

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