A Lovely Poem for a Doll

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In a cozy little playroom filled with toys and games aplenty, sat a doll named Barbie, looking stylish, sweet, and trendy. As Valentine’s approached, the toys decided to share, a special little poem, with love and care. ‘Dear Barbie,’ they began, with hearts so true, ‘We’ve seen you shine brightly, in pink and in blue. With your sparkling smile and dresses so bold, you bring us adventure and stories untold. weave around as we play, with each little outfit, you brighten our day. You teach us to dream and to dance with delight, to stand tall and graceful, like stars in the night. Whether a doctor, a pilot, or mermaid in the sea, you inspire us, Barbie, to be all we can be. So here’s to you, on this day of love so bright, Happy Valentine’s Day, Barbie, our shining light.’ The toys all around clapped with glee, echoed, as happy as can be. And Barbie, with a wink and a smile so wide, Felt the warmth of their love, right there by her side. The end.

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