The Fire Dragon of Mount Glimmer

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Once upon a time, in the magical land of Sparklewood, there lived a magnificent fire dragon named Ember. Ember resided atop the highest peak of Mount Glimmer, where the sun kissed the horizon and painted the sky with golden hues every morning and evening. Ember was not like other dragons; she didn’t enjoy causing trouble or terrifying the townsfolk. Instead, she loved to dance amidst the flames of her home, lighting up the mountain with her fiery scales that shimmered like tiny stars. One day, a gentle breeze carried the laughter of children from the village at the foot of the mountain. Intrigued, Ember decided to fly down and investigate, ensuring that her flames were just a warm glow so as not to frighten anyone. As she approached, the children’s eyes widened in wonder, not fear. ‘This is Ember,’ whispered a brave young boy named Luca. ‘She’s the fire dragon of Mount Glimmer. She looks after us and keeps our village warm during the coldest nights.’ Ember gently nodded and let out a soft puff of smoke, which sparkled as it reached the sky. Luca had an idea. ‘Would you like to be our friend and join us for the festival of lights tonight?’ he asked. Ember’s heart swelled with joy, and she agreed. That evening, as the lights soared into the sky, Ember contributed her own flames, colorfully illuminating the night. The villagers cheered in delight, watching the dance of fire and light. From that day on, Ember the fire dragon was no longer a creature to be whispered about with fear, but a beloved part of Sparklewood, symbolizing warmth, joy, and the light that friendship brings. The end.

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