The Friendly Ghost of Cherrywood Village

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In the quaint village of Cherrywood, nestled between lush green hills and sparkling rivers, there was a legend of a friendly ghost who lived in the old windmill. The villagers would speak of strange lights and soft giggles in the night, believing it to be the ghost named Gilly. Gilly wasn’t like any other ghost; he didn’t want to scare anyone. In fact, all he wished for was a friend to play with and to share the hidden beauties of the village after sunset. One crisp autumn evening, a curious boy named Tim ventured near the old windmill. He wasn’t afraid, for his grandmother had told him stories of Gilly’s kind heart. As the wind whistled through the trees , Tim saw a gentle glow and heard a welcoming laugh —it was Gilly! “Hello, Tim! I’ve been expecting you,” said Gilly, as he floated down from the windmill’s highest window. “Would you like to see Cherrywood from the sky?” Tim nodded eagerly, his heart filled with excitement. With a sprinkle of stardust , Gilly lifted them into the air, and they soared high above the village . They saw the shimmering river , the farmers tucking in their animals , and the whole village illuminated by the moon’s silvery light . As the night drew to an end, Tim promised to keep Gilly’s secret and even visit him again. The villagers were happy to have a protective spirit like Gilly, and little did they know, he had just made his first true friend. With hearts full of joy and a new adventure waiting every night, Tim and Gilly were never alone again. And from that day on, whenever the moon was full and the stars twinkled extra bright, the children knew Gilly was inviting them for another magical flight over Cherrywood, a village that was never haunted but always enchanted.

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