The Brave Little Cloud

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Once upon a time in a vast sky, there was a little cloud named Fluffy. Fluffy was not like the other clouds; while they were grand and thunderous, Fluffy was small and mild. But Fluffy had a big dream. He wanted to create the most spectacular thunder jump the sky had ever seen. One sunny day, Fluffy decided it was time to show everyone what he could do. He puffed up his chest and gathered all his energy. The big clouds gathered to watch, wondering what the little cloud would do. Fluffy took a deep breath and jumped with all his might. As he soared through the sky, a echoed loud and clear. The air crackled with electricity and a sparkle of lightning shone brightly against the blue canvas above. The big clouds watched in amazement as Fluffy’s thunder jump rivaled their own. ‘Wow! Look at Fluffy go!’ they cheered. Fluffy’s heart swelled with pride; he had done it! From that day on, Fluffy was known as the bravest little cloud, who could jump with a thunder as encouraging as any big cloud in the sky. The story of Fluffy’s courage spread far and wide, reminding everyone that no matter how small you are, you can achieve great things with enough determination and spirit. And every time the children below heard a thunder, they would smile and say, ‘That must be Fluffy, practicing his thunder jump again!’

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