The Smile That Went Around the World

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In a quiet, little town where the sun always shone, there lived a small child with a smile so wide, it could brighten up the darkest of days with its glow. This child’s name was Sunny, and they had a magical power—each time they grinned, it carried through the town like a sunbeam cutting through the morning mist. One morning, filled the air as Sunny set off on a walk, their smile leading the way. Passing by Mr. Baker’s store, Sunny greeted him with a joyous wave. Mr. Baker, who had been frowning over burnt loaves, couldn’t help but return Sunny’s smile, and suddenly, the day seemed brighter. As Sunny continued, they saw Ms. Tailor fumbling with tangled threads. A quick smile from Sunny, and Ms. Tailor’s frown became a cheerful laugh, her troubles forgotten. Sunny’s smile journeyed further, to where the children played in the park. Some of them had fallen out over a game, but upon witnessing Sunny’s infectious smile, they soon were playing happily together, their arguments a distant memory. Even pets felt the magic; grumpy cats and sulking dogs perked up their ears and wagged their tails, as if Sunny’s smile was a just for them. As the sun set, casting a golden hue over the town, everyone gathered in the central square. It was as if Sunny’s little smile had woven them all into a tapestry of joy. The town mayor declared, ‘Today has been the most joyous day in our history, all thanks to a smile that went around the world in our hearts.’ Sunny went to bed that night, their heart as full as their smile. They knew that even the simplest act could wrap the world in happiness. And from that day on, every person, every animal, carried their smiles forward, sharing them like a poem without words—but with a warmth that could be felt by everybody.

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