The Bear’s Forest Symphony

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In a forest lush and green, where the trees stand tall and proud, A bear with fur so soft and sheen, hummed his tune aloud. With every stomp, his mighty paws would , Echo through the woods with nature’s perfect cause. Birds chimed in with merry tweets, a symphony so grand, The river’s flow, , made the concert grander than planned. The bear twirled around, a dance of joy and fun, As gently shook the leaves, applauding what he’d done. He roared with glee, a strong and clear, Inviting all his forest friends to draw near and hear. Ants marched on, with steps so slight and small, Their tiny feet tapped the earth, adding rhythm to the call. A pair of rabbits hopped in time, their ears bobbing to the beat, While a nearby, warmed the bear’s big feet. The owl hooted, whispers filled the air, Magic sparkled through the woods, as stars began their nightly flare. The bear’s poem was indeed a song that every creature knew, A celebration of the woods, and the friendships that grew. As moonlight bathed the world in blue, and the bear lay down to rest, He knew his forest symphony was simply nature at its best. With dreams of melodies to come, and peace through night and day, The forest slumbered quietly, with the bear’s poem tucked away.

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