Daisy the Friendly Dragon

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Once upon a time, in a colorful valley hidden among high mountains, lived a dragon named Daisy. Unlike other dragons, Daisy didn’t breathe fire; she breathed bubbles! Her scales shimmered in the sunlight like tiny rainbows, and her wings fluttered like the softest silk. Daisy was known throughout the land for her kindness and her love for playing with her many friends. Daisy lived in a cozy cave filled with crystals that twinkled like stars. Her neighbors, the rabbits, the birds, and even the squirrels, loved to visit her. Sometimes, they would play hide and seek in the forest, where Daisy would try her best to fit behind trees with her big, bubbly size. The forest would echo with their laughter as Daisy always found a way to make the game fun for everyone. One bright morning, Daisy awoke to a commotion. A group of creatures had gathered near her cave with worried looks on their faces. ‘The stream has stopped flowing!’ they exclaimed. ‘Without water, the plants will wither, and we will have no water to drink!’ Daisy knew what she had to do. With a determined look in her eyes, she spread her vast wings and took off towards the mountains. She discovered that a large rockfall had blocked the stream. With gentle puffs of her bubble breath, Daisy moved the rocks away, one by one. The water started to flow again, and soon enough it cascaded down to the valley, bringing life back to the parched earth. The creatures danced and splashed in the water, overjoyed. ‘Thank you, Daisy!’ they cheered. ‘You’ve saved the day!’ Daisy blushed with pride, watching her friends celebrate. From that day on, the valley was even more joyful, knowing they had a friendly dragon looking out for them. Daisy wasn’t just any dragon; she was their hero, the bubbly guardian of their beautiful home.

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